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NCYHA Christmas Tournament

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules
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Newport County Youth Hockey

2005 Christmas Tournament



Additional RIAHA Playing Rules



The Newport County Youth Hockey Tournament will play by USA Hockey playing rules.  In addition to USA Hockey rules, the tournament will use several Additional Rhode Island Amateur Hockey Association rules that are in addition to, or are more stringent than, USA Hockey rules.  In order to eliminate any confusion, additional rules are as follows:


1- Minor penalty shall be one and one-half minute in duration.


2- Any player receiving (4) minor penalties (USA Hockey rules are five penalties) in any one game will receive a game misconduct and must be removed from that game and the following:


            A. First time: must not participate in next game


            B. Second Time: will not be allowed to participate in any further games in the                 tournament.


3- Any players receiving a game misconduct for fighting will not be allowed to participate in any further games in the tournament.


4- Any aggressive penalty (for example, but not all inclusive; roughing, high sticking, elbowing, slashing, cross checking, etc.) or a major penalty that cannot be served in its entirety in the game in which the penalty occurred, will be required to serve the first

 five-minutes of the next game in the penalty box.  The penalized players team WILL NOT be made to skate shorthanded during the time the player serves the penalty.


5- In an effort to curtail unruly spectator behavior, RIAHA rules allow for the Referee to stop play, but keep the clock running if a spectator, team official or other person becomes disruptive.  If the unruly spectator does not cease the disorderly behavior or leave the rink, and the game time expires, the team of the unruly spectator will be declared the loser by forfeit.






          League and Teams must be a USA Hockey Certified and members in good standing.  Copy of a Birth Certificate for each player shall be required if a protest is submitted to prove age qualification. Only Tier II Teams are accepted.



            USA Hockey team rosters are required in advance and cannot be changed without approval of Tournament Director.  Team Rosters must consist of players assigned to that Teams Organization and their specific team assigned.


Home Teams:

            Home teams are designated on the schedule. Each team will have at least one home game during the tournament.

All Newport teams will be designated the home team in all round robin games. 

For the Championship game the team with the higher point total will be the home team.

In the event of a jersey color conflict, jersey choices will be given to the home team.


Locker Rooms:

            Locker room assignments will be handled by the Facility Personnel at the St. Georges Rink and NCYHA personnel will handle locker room assignments for the Portsmouth Abbey.  Keys will be issued when checking in at the front desk at the Portsmouth Abbey and turned in upon leaving.

            All coaches will be responsible for keeping the locker rooms clean.



            All equipment shall be made in accordance with USA Hockey rules.

Mouth guards are required for all Peewee age and above players. Mite and Squirt players that have mouth guards attached to their helmet or face cage must wear the mouth guard.

Earflaps are required of all players.



            The tournament committee; made up of the tournament director, league president and the League Secretary shall have the authority to make changes or rule on matters that are in the best interest of the tournament and official USA Hockey Rules.


Gift Bags:

            All players will receive a gift bag which will be given to the head coach before the start of the first game.  Please exchange pins prior to games in the locker rooms.






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